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Active bluetooth ceiling speaker (LTH-8315TS)
Product description

Active bluetooth ceiling speaker

1: using the most advanced digital power amplifier circuit, high efficiency, low power consumption, heat dissipation is small, long service life.

2: quality than traditional analog power amplifier to be clear, pure and stereo.

3: external audio source and bluetooth audio input at the same time, the bluetooth audio source is preferred.

4: the speaker unit: 5.25 inch bass unit, using 90 * 32 * 15 Y30 ferrite magnets, 25 core copper braid ASV heat-resistant aluminum voice coil;1 inch black got high unit, the use of ndfeb magnetic N35, 13 ASV heat-resistant aluminum tube voice coil of core copper braid.

5: exquisite workmanship, fashionable.



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